Helpful Videos for Sellers

Helpful Videos for Sellers

REMAX has developed a program to help Seller's get the most out of their home investment, with some useful tips on preparing your home for sale. Here are some helpful videos for seller that can help them sell their home faster and for more money.

Top 10 Mistakes Sellers Make in Staging Their Home 

Learn how to steer clear of the 10 Top Mistakes Home Sellers make when selling a home. Choosing to work with a qualified RE/MAX agent can help you avoid costly mistakes such as incorrectly pricing your home, not preparing your home for sale, and ineffective marketing. Choose Wisely. Choose RE/MAX

5 Mistakes Sellers Make 

Selling your home can be an emotional experience. There are more than a few mistakes that can be made which will endanger selling your home fast and for top dollar. By dealing with an experienced RE/MAX agent, you will learn of these mistakes and ensure you steer clear of them.


Up-to-date flooring is one of the top selling features that a buyer is looking for so invest in your equity and replace any worn out or outdated flooring.

Air Quality

Odors such as pet and smoke in a house can be a big turn off to potential buyers. 

Turning Your Home into a Model Home

There are many ways to turn your family home into a model home and it starts by emotionally disconnecting yourself from your home and runs all the way though to depersonalizing and de-cluttering.


Buyers want to just move in and enjoy living there for a while before they decide if they want to change the paint color. Selecting the right colors allows your buyer to emotionally connect with the house helping them to visualize living there.

Furniture Placement and Lighting

Furniture placement and lighting are critical it will show off the room to its full potential and attract potential buyers.

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